"Teen Wolf" is one of my favorite television series and became an instant hit for MTV when it debuted in 2011. I was drawn to the supernatural elements of the series and enjoy the Gothic look of the show, the consistent writing, the excellent use of music and the talented young cast members. The first book based on the series, On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel (MTV Books), by Nancy Holder, will be released on July 17. Fans of the television show will definitely want to pick up a copy of the book.

Nancy Holder perfectly captures the mood of "Teen Wolf" and has a solid understanding of the many characters, who are all given something substantial to do in On Fire. The events take place about midway through the first season of the show, when a mountain lion, that is believed responsible for recent attacks on humans, is killed. That development takes the heat off of the werewolves, Scott and Derek, for a short time. However, with the Alpha looming over their lives, they have little time to rest. Scott is, at best, a reluctant werewolf who would rather just be a regular teenager and spend all of his time with Allison, the love of his young life. She feels the same way, but is not yet aware of Scott's "condition." Despite the fact that Allison has been grounded, the couple spend a great deal of time together during On Fire, while they are trying to track down Jackson, who has been mysteriously absent. Lydia, Jackson's girlfriend, enlists the help of Allison and Scott, but none of them have any idea just how much trouble Jackson is in.

On Fire provides interesting information about the past of several characters, including Derek, Jackson and Kate. Derek's first meeting with Kate Argent, Allison's aunt, is detailed throughout the second half of the book. Their relationship was life changing for both of them and led to events that would impact their lives for years to come. In addition, mysterious strangers are utilizing information from Jackson's past that threatens to turn his world upside down and places both him and Lydia is grave danger. Stiles is also featured in his ongoing bromance with Derek. The duo search for Scott after Stiles receives an alarming message from his best bud. Derek is also looking for the Alpha, who, in turn, is trailing Scott. During the search, Derek takes a walk down memory lane, as he recounts, to himself, what transpired between him and Kate several years earlier. During the flashbacks, both Scott and Stiles are mentioned briefly, allowing readers to have a better understanding of both of their early lives.

On Fire refers to a wildfire that erupts at the Preserve in Beacon Hills, where Jackson, Scott, Allison, Derek and Stiles are all milling about. Of course, the title could also refer to Scott and Allison's burgeoning romantic feelings and/or to the torrid affair between Derek and Kate, before their lives changed forever. In addition to the principal players, supporting characters, including Danny, Jackson's best friend, and members of Allison's family are also featured.

"Teen Wolf" is geared towards a younger demographic and On Fire is classified as Young Adult, but fans of the series, regardless of age, will enjoy the effort put forth here by Nancy Holder. Holder has a strong grasp on the character's behavior, as well as the short history of the series, which will surely be appreciated by readers who are already fans. The story is also easily accessible to new readers as well and they will quickly be enthralled with the likable and very different ensemble cast of characters. I suspect On Fire will be the first of many "Teen Wolf" novels and I look forward to reading future installments, which I hope will focus more on Stiles, while continuing to flesh out the back story of the various characters. Overall, On Fire is a thoroughly enjoyable start to a (hopefully) ongoing series of novels.

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